The Davis Family

Dear Steve,

It has been four weeks now since my wife, two children and I took delivery of our new boat Polaris from Daigle Welding and I wish to report that we are thrilled.

During this period of our new ownership, my son and I have commuted daily from Vashon Island to Seattle and back – a round trip of some fifty miles. Our travels have taken us through the dark, fog, high wind conditions, rough seas and a Puget Sound full of ocean going ships. Polaris’ performance has exceeded our fondest hopes and we have been able to travel with comfort, safety and speed.

The interior appointments were beautifully done and exemplify a fine small yacht. The layout meets our needs nicely and the wood joinery was installed perfectly. The rugged aluminum construction of the boat would, I’m sure, exceed military specifications and gives us immense confidence. Despite regular bashing through the large waves created by ocean going ships nothing in the boat squeaks, rattles, or flexes. While averaging 30 knots, the dual Volvo KAD 44 power plant consumes 12.1 gallons of fuel per hour – two gallons less that what you had told us to expect. Along with the Ratheon radar/GPS package that you installed, I use an ITT night vision scope which has enabled us to safely cruise in the dark at 30 knots.

Your team deserves special credit for having delivered the boat on time, on budget and free of problems. The fact that your team put the boat through extensive see trials before handing her over to us speaks volumes about your company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Rugged, beautiful, and defect free, Polaris is a joy to own and operate.

I would normally close by saying that I will know where to go the next time that I need a new boat – but I cannot imagine replacing Polaris. However, I would be happy to share more details about my fine experience with the men and women at Daigle Marine with any of your prospective customers who are seriously interested (please click here to contact us, we can put you in touch with Mr.Davis)

Sincerely yours,