Pierce & Lois Clegg


As you are aware Lois and I took possession of our new boat in early May. The sea trials went well, although the weather did not cooperate as well as we hoped.

Gary did a great job of explaining everything and by late afternoon I was in circuit overload. Now we just need time on the boat using the various systems to have it sink in.

Our trip north to Port Hardy to move the boat to its new home went well, we slipped in between to weather fronts and other than some tidal changes up in Johnston straits the water was great. We left the boat in Port Hardy and head back to the U.S. so Lois could keep an appointment with the back surgeon.

Steve, we would like to thank you and your employees for all their professional attitudes during the construction of C-leggs. Like many other owners of Eagle craft boats we did our homework and spoke too many other boat builders as well as owners of other boats. I must honestly tell you in the end it was your employees that closed the deal on our purchase of our boat.

Eagle Craft boats reputation is well known for the quality and is a well established name in British Columbia, but so are some of your competitors. By the time we met you at the boat show we had already had direct or indirect conversations with several of your staff. We were impressed how they spoke with pride about the boats, there work conditions (a brand new shop) and their camaraderie with management. It was very apparent you had a hands on day to day knowledge of each boat being built. After we ordered the boat we were allowed continued access to your employees which helped us understand the various stages of construction.

We know there are several employees who we never met but had a great deal to do with the construction of the boat, however there are some we would like to acknowledge who we felt went out of there way to see our dream come true.

Bob, helped save us several thousands of dollars as the U.S.dollar fell 19 points during the construction.

Marv, and his knowledge of wood and cabinetry are second to none and that is what most people see when they first enter our boat. We had people tell us that after they saw the boat at the Seattle boat show.

Gary, What a great guy, no nonsense, demands quality, and you can be assured it is done right. Great rigger.

Sue, who always was able to get me the correct information on our account.

Rodger, What a great guy to talk with when we called, always happy and willing to help.

Stuart, who helped keep track of items I was providing to be placed on the boat (he was filling in for an employee on vacation) as well as getting me information about items I wanted.

Dave, first class painter, the pride and attention to detail was unbelievable. I do not know all the personal in his paint shop but Dave and his crew did a superb paint job. We had many friends as well as some potential future customers, tell us that was prettiest boat at the Seattle boat show. Some of these people we did not even know.

Kevin, the ambassador of Eagle Craft. From a customers view you could not have a more loyal, dedicated, or knowledgeable employee. I spoke with Kevin on the phone several times before actually meeting him personally at the Seattle boat show. We were afraid your boats would not fit our primary needs which of course is fishing, Kevin’s knowledge of both your boats and fishing is what closed the deal. During the course of construction, if questions arouse he would direct us to the appropriate personnel, I don’t know if this is how it is done with other customers but he was always available even on holidays or after hours. When we moved the boat to Port Hardy, Kevin arranged personal transportation and storage of our vehicle at no cost to us. All of this was greatly appreciated.

Please express our appreciation to all your employees.

Finally in closing we thank you for patience, honesty, and friendship. You provided a quality product, as quoted, and you did it on the time line you said it would be. It has been Lois’s and my privilege to work with you and your staff. We look forward to many years of a continued growing friendship.


Pierce & Lois Clegg