Nakalat Lodge

Greetings Steve!

It has been a while since I last spoke to you so I just thought I would let you know that Nakalat Lodge was sold to new owners on September 15/2004. I wanted to let you know just how satisfied I have been with the Miss Virginia II since we took possesion back in 1996. The boat never once in all that time ever let me down. As you know, Stuart Lake is a big body of water, and can really blow. I have seen 12 footers many times and 5 to 6 footers are normal. Many a time late in October I was the only boat on the lake and the security came in knowing the Miss Virginia would get me home! Never once in all that time did the KAD 42 engines let me down. Oh, I broke a steering hose once, had some trouble with an electrical reset once, and a bad tilt selenoid another time. Oh yes,a bad oil filter had me baffled for a couple of days once.. We replaced the stern drives at 1800 hours (recommended by Volvo) as you may recall, but that was it.

The boat itself looked almost as good as it did when she was built when the new owners took it over, and I really hated to let her go. She had become a fixture on the lake and was known for her speed and ability to ride out anything. Day or night! And some of the loads we put on her were incredible! Needless to say, I had grown very attached to her, and took very good care of her! There was about 2500 hours on her when we let her go.

The smaller Nakalat Star was also an excellent boat and only had about 700 hours on her at the completion of the lodge sale. I can only hope that the new owners will take care of these two fine boats and it will drive me crazy to see someone else at the helm of the Miss Virginia II!! Getting back to what I originally mentioned about not talking to you for a long while? That’s because there never was a reason! You and your crew are to be commended for doing such an exellent job in building such a fine product. If anyone ever wants the low down on Eaglecraft boats, just send them to me! I will look you up next time i am down your way. Boy, do I have some stories to tell you!

Regards to you all!

Andy Hurrie
Manager/Nakalat Lodge (retired)