Murray Johnston

“Merlin”, a 33′ EagleCraft Cruiser

After putting on 98 hours and 1500 miles I am pleased to report that our 34th boat is the Safest and Most Versitile Boat we have ever owned….and you can quote me on that.

I suppose my now you have heard that I hit a rock some 60 miles south of Juneau…..my mistake and Reg was a great help in locating the Volvo guy in Juneau…..and he was a very good guy

I broke a output propshaft bearing housing on one leg and took a big chunk out of the skeg on the other leg…..amazingly there was no prop damage at all.

But Merlin’s hull took a huge hit. There are two 24″ long dints in the keel and there is a large dint in the hull outboard on the keel on the starboard side just ahead of the transom.

I will call you on tuesday so we can plan some time this fall for Merlin to come back to your shop for repairs. I want to use the boat for the rest of the summer and there are no obvious performance problems as is.

I am convinced that had we been in a fiberglass boat……it would have sunk….that is why we are so convinced Merlin is the “Safest” boat!!!

Murray Johnston