McCuaig Marine Services

The name McCuaig has long been associated with Heron Bay and Lake Superior and today on May 12 2003 that tradition will continue. Keith and Melissa McCuaig have purchased a new boat to do continue the water taxi service that Bruce ( Keith’s dad ) started a number of years ago. Before that the McCuaigs did some beachcombing – just like Bruno Gerussi and Relic. But today logs are not shipped by water but people require boat services to be taken down the Pukaskwa coast to hike or sea kayak.

This is the new boat just brought in from British Columbia. On the boat is Neil, Keith’s brother. It was a boat that saw service along the B.C. coast as a water taxi.

The boat is manufactured by EagleCraft Aluminum Boats. It is an all welded aluminum boat.

This is looking from the back of the boat towards the front. It is coast guard approved and very clean and well made. It has seating for 12 people. Keith will add a rack to carry 6 sea kayaks or canoes. It has a diesel engine and is very quiet running

Here it is about to be launched on May 12 2003 @ 9 in the evening. The boat that it will be replacing is the old Century that you see to the right. It was a great boat and provided many a people a trip along the coast. It was Bruce’s boat and will always have a place in our hearts.

The new boat will be operated by Keith and his brother Neil.

In the water and Ray ( the gentleman that brought the boat all the way from B.C. ) fired up the engine. He was quite happy and so were the McCuaig boys and I must admit – so was I.

As you can see it has radar and a host of other features. Ray was telling us that he was on this boat when there were waves coming over the bow. It will also cruise at about 35km/hr. So the trips down to Otter Island or North Swallow should be a little quicker then in the Century.