Quatsino Fishing Lodge

We have been using EagleCraft boats in our fishing lodge business since 1991.  I started off with an 18′ Windshield model, then upgraded to a 23′er in 96. My 23′er is a well designed fishing machine.  It meets all stability tests easily.  It holds lots of fishermen and it catches lots of fish!  This boat handles rough water like no other boat of it’s size whether in a following sea, or heading into waves.’  Now in 2011 we have noticed our fleet has expanded to include 3 other Eagle Craft fishing machines.  Each is unique and has special features which make them the only boat to run in a fishing lodge operation on the Wild Wet Coast of BC.

Our guests feel safe in any weather condition. The Esbar furnace keeps everybody warm even in the winter.

We run either 350 yamahas or 300 suzuki motors on these big boats and they do a great job. The low maintenance and durability of the EagleCraft boat is important when using a boat commercially 1,600+ hours per year.



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