David & Mary

Homeport at Auke Bay, Alaska

Crew fixing brunch

Wrangell Narrows, Alaska

Dear Steve,

We had a good trip home leaving Campbell River on Friday the 11th and arriving in Juneau on Thursday the 17th. So we did the trip in seven days, one of which was spent weathered in in Port Hardy, i.e., 6 days of actual travel. We overnighted in Port Hardy, Shearwater (near Bella Bella), Prince Rupert, Meyers Chuck (near Ketchikan), and Petersburg, on our way up to Juneau.

We were tested somewhat on the Queen Charlotte Sound crossing. A gale had moved through the previous day and the forecast was for Southeast winds to increase again that afternoon. But I thought we had a weather window and so we decided to go for it at about 8.00am. There was a big westerly swell left over from the previous day overlaid by a good chop from a stiff and freshening southeaster. I was pleased to gain the shelter of Cape Calvert as we moved up Fitzhugh Sound. The boat performed fine and notwithstanding the big seas I was able stay mostly on step at around 18 to 21 knots. My big concern was for the logs of which I saw plenty and I had to take evasive action a couple of times.

We arrived in Shearwater at 1.30 pm. It lashed rain that night but the weather improved the next day during the run to Prince Rupert and the rest of the trip the weather was great. Though we had a good northerly chop some sections of the last leg from Petersburg to Juneau, I was not slowed down significantly. The Lowrance was a great help on the navigation. However it turned out that the Navionics Alaska charts were for points west and north of Juneau so we actually had to do some chart navigation for the Ketchikan-Juneau leg.

Everyone who saw the boat was impressed. I took our Juneau family out this evening and we had a great dinner on the boat with salmon grilled on the propane Hibachi.

I want to congratulate you and your team on a job well done, and thanks also for your patience with me. It has been a learning process. I am pleased and proud to have taken my boat from Campbell River to Juneau.

I have attached some pictures from our trip.