Chris & Rebecca

Dear Steve,

I would like to express our how much we’ve enjoyed our first year on our new boat. After doing much research I can honestly say that the Eagle Craft 32 Cruiser met all our requirements for a family boat.

When shopping for boats we had specific criteria in mind:

  • Speed

    Coming from a sailing background, 8 knots used to get us excited but two people changed our outlook, our children ages 7 & 10 years;

    • They do not sit well for extended periods regardless of th beautiful scenery. Getting to our destination in a timely manner was paramount for our sanity.
    • Busy kid’s schedules meant that our time away was limited.
  • Safety

    My “plastic” owning friends debate this but you know what, hitting debris in the Straight of Georgia in a 50 mph wind storm doing 20kts sure brought to mind a comment you had made; “the boat will take more than you will”. You are right. We arrived at our destination safely with no more than a battered psyche.

  • Comfort

    As you know I bought the boat without my wife having seen it (very risky venture). When she saw pictures she said “where’s the beautiful cherry interior?” Three things won her over:

    • The air ride seats have her sold. Forget the “bling” comfort is king!
    • Incredibly kid friendly. The interior on our boat is bullet proof with our kids.
    • The likelihood of extended cruising was minimal compared to weekend getaways so we wanted all the basic creature comforts without paying for extra length & space that would not used most of the time.

The Eagle Craft has delivered on all fronts. We reach any of the Southern Gulf Islands in 3 hours or less from Squamish, Desolation Sound in 6 hours. We’ve seen so much incredible coastline on quick trips that our friends with slower boats need to plan extended trips to reach.

The after sales service has been great. Kevin has been extremely responsive and reachable even on public holidays!

Every “old salt” we’ve met on the coast know Daigle and your reputation for solid work boats. In a marina full of gin palaces we would get comments stating that ours would be their boat of choice for cruising. This from people that make their living on the water! What better endorsement can you get?

Very satisfied,

Chris & Rebecca

MV Apres, Whistler BC https://www.eaglecraft.bc.ca/images2/