C-Tow Assistance

Dear EagleCraft Boats,

I am writing to compliment you on the quality of your boats under extremely horrendous circumstances.

Our company, C-TOW Marine Assistance Network, has been providing service to disabled vessels in all of Georgia Strait for the past 17 years. Last September (2001) we attended an EagleCraft Vessel that had smashed into the rocky south end of Anvil Island at speed.

The skipper had suffered some ailment that caused him to black out at the wheel (mini stroke?). By the position of the vessel I estimate that he was travelling at over 25 knots.

I expected the whole bottom of the boat to be caved in and holed. To my amazement there was a small hole near the stem where she must have hit a very sharp rock and the shaft strut impact had torn a small hole in the hull. The weld didn’t even break.

Very impressive

Capt. James A MacDonald

P.0. Box 146
Bowen Island, B.C.
V0N 1G0

(250) 947-2875

Company Type:
Marine Assistance