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Boat Leasing Company

In 1988 EagleCraft Leasing Inc. began its leasing operation as a subsidiary of Daigle Welding & Marine Ltd. with a refurbished 12 passenger crew boat. Since then, the demand for lease vessels of this type has grown, and our lease fleet has expanded to meet the demand with continuous commissioning of new EagleCraft Aluminum Crew boats, Water Taxis and Eco-tour Boats.

Today we operate a fleet of eight aluminum boats ranging in size from 26 to 32 feet with all boats having a capacity of 12 passengers, plus the helmsman. All our lease vessels are fully equipped and certified to meet Transport Canada Small Commercial Vessel Compliance regulations. Every lease vessel is outfitted with all the required safety equipment, modern electronics, heaters, defrosters, tools, spare parts, lubes & oils required for safe and reliable operation. Our lease vessels are all powered by reliable Volvo Penta Diesel engines and drive systems delivering long term continuous dependable power.

Our leasing customers span a very broad based demographic, ranging from Logging Companies, The Aquaculture Industry, Fishing Lodges and Resorts, Water Taxis and Eco-tour Companies, Government Agencies, Construction Companies and Water based Electric Power Projects.

The versatility and design of our aluminum boats varies from Eco-tour boats that have multi areas for viewing, PA Systems, toilet compartments and large bow rails for safe viewing from the foredeck, to other models that have large waterproof storage holds for freight or baggage under the cockpit sole or other boats that are designed for quickly and reliably moving work crews on and off the job site.

EagleCraft Leasing is actually more of a boat rental company rather than a long term leasing company. Also available is a pre determined buyout cost to every customer for the purchase of that or any other vessel at the end or any time during each lease. With only a minimum one month lease agreement available, the versatility and flexibility offered the Customer is enormous. This makes EagleCraft Boat Leasing the right choice for a seasonal business or companies that have short term contracts and only require a boat for a few months.

Numerous water taxi and or tour companies lease a boat for the initial start of operations. This allows them to test their business operations and not have the large capital investment of purchasing a new boat. EagleCraft Leasing also offers a percentage of the lease/rental that can be applied toward the purchase of the boat being leased, another boat in the fleet, or toward the manufacture of a new EagleCraft vessel.

So whether you are looking for a short or a long term lease, Eagle Leasing has the Boats, the reputation and the Lease flexibility you are looking for. For more information on our leasing packages and the availability of vessels contact Steve Daigle or Bob Kristmanson at 1-888-393-6464 or email or