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Sea Trials

Sea Trails

The picture below was taken while performing the sea trial of one of our boats.

This 32.5′ Discovery Launch’s Water Taxi, “Troika” is undergoing sea trial at Cape Mudge, Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada.

Our aluminum vessels are constructed to take the harshest of weather conditions and be able to stand up in emergency situations. Commercial operators use our vessels for their daily business as Patrol Boats, Water Taxis, Crew Boats, and work boats.

There is no difference in the construction of our rugged commercial hulls and our finely finished pleasure vessels; they both meet all Canadian and U.S. Construction standards.

If you have traveled on the waters around Vancouver Island, you get to appreciate; Seaworthiness, Durability, Dependability, Reliability and Performance of EagleCraft Aluminum Boats.