Why Aluminum Boats?

Sound Proofing and Insulation

A common misconception about aluminum boats is that they are noisy, cold and damp with condensation. This may be true of some aluminum boats and equally true of many boats built of other materials. But come aboard an EagleCraft boat and you will experience a totally new experience. Our boats are warm, quiet and drier than most other boats built today regardless of the construction material. The reason is that we have developed some of the most advanced technology in the industry to overcome these common misconceptions.


Soundproofing was our first challenge. Noise from the engine and from the hull hitting waves can reverberate sound through an aluminum boat like an empty drum. Without soundproofing, noise levels reach 90 dB in the cabin. We researched many ways to overcome this problem and developed our own unique answers. Adhesive acoustic tiles are installed in the forward sections of the hull and high density closed cell foam is sprayed throughout all void spaces. Engines are equipped with isolation mounts and installed on hardwood and neoprene rubber bases, the engine mounting bolts are isolated with plastic bushings. Engine compartment lids and bulkheads have a mineral wool soundproofing system protected with a perforated aluminum shield. These techniques have reduced the sound levels in our boats to about 70 dB, less than that in many comparable boats of any other material. Normal conversation, radio communication, even listening to the stereo, is possible at cruising speed.


Keeping our boats warm is no problem. Our hulls and cabins are fully insulated with a minimum of 1″ and in many cases 1 1/2″ of high-density foam. Humidity and condensation is always a problem with almost any boat. Imagine twelve large sweaty men in wet clothes plus an operator being transported for several hours in pouring rain on a Crew boat. Condensation becomes a big problem. These are the conditions under which we had to find satisfactory answers. We have developed combinations of insulation, heaters, defrosters, fans and ventilation systems to meet the most challenging conditions. Travel any distance in any weather on one of our crew boats and you will always find them to be warm and dry. The same technology is applied to our recreational boats.

There are very few boats built in any material that have as much applied research into the problems of noise, heat and humidity as our aluminum boats. Put our boats to the test and your ideas about aluminum being noisy, cold or damp will change completely.