Why Aluminum Boats?

Aluminum Myths

Aluminum vessels are Noisy!Not True

In fact a well built aluminum vessel with proper soundproofing is often quieter than an equivalent fiberglass boat. Our average decibel reading in the main cabin at cruising speed is about 75db. Additional soundproofing can bring the level down to as low as 70db.

Aluminum vessels are cold and damp!Not True

Our hulls and decks are fully insulated and our cabins are as dry and cozy as any boat built of wood or fibreglass. Take a look at some of the interior shots on the next pages and you will see the quality and comfort of our interior finishing.

Difficult to install hull fittings! Not True

To install depth finders or bait tank pumps, simply drill and tap into the hull and use a stainless steel fastener.

It’s affected by corrosion and electrolysis! Not True

Today’s Marine Grade Aluminum is virtually corrosion free. Some surface oxidization may occur, but this in no way affects the strength or integrity of the aluminum. Electrolysis can be a problem, but is easily prevented by the installation and maintenance of zinc sacrificial anodes.

You cannot paint aluminumNot True

With careful preparation and the application of the proper primers and undercoats, aluminum holds paint very well. We have several boats almost ten years old still looking like new. Our boats are also available with a standard Clearcoat Polished Finish and many of our customers prefer the appearance of unpainted aluminum.