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Why Aluminum Boats?

The pictures below illustrate the results of a collision between one of our aluminum boats and a fiberglass boat. The collision occurred at high speed. Our aluminum boat continued in service until the end of the season when the dent was hammered out. The fibreglass boat was a write-off. Fortunately no one was hurt.

Our Aluminium Boat:

Our Boat

The other guy’s Fiberglass Boat:

Fiberglass Boat

If you have traveled on the waters around Vancouver Island, you may have seen many aluminum vessels going about their business as water taxis, crewboats, and even as inter-island school buses. Commercial operators have known the benefits of aluminum for a long time. Its outstanding qualities in strength, seaworthiness, durability, ease of maintenance and as a long term sound investment have made it the material of choice for those who earn their living on the water. Now many recreational boaters are also realising the benefits.

Daigle Welding is proud to apply its experience of twenty years of building over 775 vessels to the new EagleCraft Aluminum Recreational Coastal Cruisers. To satisfy the demands of seasoned recreational boaters, we have developed a line of pleasure craft that meets all the requirements of pleasure boating without sacrificing any of the integrity, durability, strength or seaworthiness that is built into our commercial vessels. There is no difference in the construction of our rugged commercial hulls and our finely finished pleasure vessels. Both are constructed to take the harshest of weather conditions and to stand up in emergency situations where many other vessels would fail. Our boats meet all Canadian and U.S. Construction standards.