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Mission Statement

Our Statement of Commitment to our Products and our Customers

Daigle Welding & Marine Ltd. is proud to be at the forefront in setting the standards for the industry in the construction of aluminum craft for work or pleasure. We are in ongoing consultation with government agencies and industry to improve the quality, design and seaworthiness of Canadian built aluminum vessels. Careful consideration of the materials, construction methods, design criteria, performance and stability are taken into account to ensure the overall suitability of our boats for their intended purposes. Quality construction using proven designs and proven construction methods are the foundation of our company.

Each boat we build is customized with the purpose of its intended owner in mind so that not only does it meet the owner’s personal requirements but goes beyond this in terms of seaworthiness, safety and long term value. Our in house design team prepares General Arrangement Drawings to scale for each customer’s review and accurate construction drawings.

During the construction of your boat you will be e-mailed weekly photos and updates, so there are no surprises upon completion.