About Us

They say that Cape Mudge is where God invented waves…

Certainly the waters of northern Vancouver Island have a reputation for being some of the roughest waters on the West Coast. Mountain out flow winds funnel down inlets and channels and when they meet opposing tides they can set up treacherous sea conditions.

It is in these waters that commercial operators of vessels demanded reliable seaworthy vessels to operate year round – ferrying passengers and supplies to remote locations. For over two decades Daigle Welding & Marine Ltd’s EagleCraft boats have been meeting that demand. With over 775 vessels operating on the coast, the EagleCraft name has earned an enviable reputation for quality construction and reliability. Now – that same heavy-duty quality, design, construction, durability, and reliability is available to the discerning recreational vessel operator in the EagleCraft range of Cruisers.